On February 10, 2018, the Feast of St. Scholastica, Mother Dolores Hart was the keynote speaker at the Women's Morning of Spirituality Conference, an annual retreat day sponsored by the Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee. The hundreds of participants were spellbound by Mother Dolores' presentation of her personal spiritual journey as an actress and Consecrated Benedictine nun, told with humor and honesty. Of course being in Memphis, in the heart of Elvis Presley country, she shared her experience of making films with him. In the video clip here Mother Dolores speaks to the heart of each woman at the conference, presenting how each is called to be an Acting Person daily in her vocation, no matter how great the redemptive price.

The mission of Women’s Morning of Spirituality in Memphis is foster a deep love for the Catholic faith which springs from answering the call of Jesus to 'Bring the women to me' by celebrating the Sacraments of the Church, praising God through music, offering opportunities for continued growth, and encountering the living Christ in each other.

Click here to watch Mother Dolores' entire 67 minute speech, beautifully filmed by Such Fun Productions.

Enjoy a selection of readings on our site by Mother Dolores Hart.

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