Lenten Hymns
The day comes, Your day, on which all things will re-flower, let us rejoice being led back, through it and on it to your grace.
From Lenten Hymn Iam Christe Sol Iustitiae

Cross We are pleased to offer you this Lent original translations by Joseph T. Moller of the hymns that we sing throughout the Lenten Season. The hymn Audi Benigne Conditor was composed by Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604) and is sung at the Office of Vespers. Acknowledging our human frailty, it is a plea for God's forgiveness:
Scrutinize and nourish our hearts, the weakness of men you know, to those returning to you show forgiveness and grace.
The hymn from Lauds, Iam Christe Sol Iustitiae, probably composed in the 10th Century, is full of hope and a promise of resurrection, that in the day of Christ, all things will "re-flower". The hymn is sung as the sun is rising, so we are asking Christ, the Sun of Justice:
From our minds scatter all shadows, that virtue’s light return, as to the earth You restore the day.
The hymn's Gregorian Chant melody and rhythm beautifully express Lenten joy and hope.

Audi Benigne Conditor
Lenten Season Vespers Hymn

Audi Benigne Conditor,
nostras preces cum fletibus,
sacrata in abstinentia
fusas quadragenaria.

Hear, kindly Creator,
Our prayers and weepings
In this holy fast
Poured out these forty days.

Scrutator alme cordium,
infirma tu scis virium;
ad te reversis exhibe
remissionis gratiam.

Scrutinize and nourish our hearts,
The weakness of men you know.
To those returning to you show
Forgiveness and grace.

Multum quidem peccavimus,
sed parce confitentibus,
tuique laude nominis
confer medelam languidis.

Much indeed have we sinned
But spare us as we confess.
For the praise of your name
Bring healing to the languishing.

Sic corpus extra conteri
dona per abstinentiam,
ieiunet ut mens sobria
a labe prorsus criminum.

Thus the body without be worn down.
Grant through abstinence
That in fasting the mind within be sober
Far from the falling of sin.

Praesta, beata Trinitas,
concede, simplex Unitas,
ut fructuosa sint tuis
haec parcitatis munera.

Grant, blessed Trinity,
Deign, most simple Unity,
That fruitful be
The gifts of our fast.

Iam Christe Sol Iustitiae
Lenten Season Lauds Hymn
Iam Christe Sol Iustitiae
mentis dehiscant tenebrae,
virtutum ut lux redeat,
terris diem cum reparas.

Now, Christ, Sun of Justice,
From our minds scatter all shadows
That virtue’s light return
As to the earth You restore the day.

Dans tempus acceptabile
et paenitens cor tribue,
convertat ut benignitas
quos longa suffert pietas.

Granting us an acceptable time,
A penitent heart bestow
That kindness convert
Those whom Your long suffering goodness endured.

Quiddamque paenitentiae
da ferre, quo fit demptio,
maiore tuo munere,
culparum quamvis grandium.

And some penance
Grant us to bear, however severe,
That by Your greater grace
Sins may be taken away.

Dies venit, dies tua,
per quam reflorent omnia;
laetemur in hac ut tuae
per hanc reducti gratiae.

The day comes, Your day,
On which all things will re-flower.
Let us rejoice being led back
Through it and on it to your grace.

Te rerum universitas,
clemens, adoret, Trinitas,
et nos novi per veniam
novum canamus canticum.


You, may the universe of all things,
Adore, merciful Trinity.
And may we renewed by your favor
A new song sing.

(Translations of the hymns Audi Benigne Conditor and Iam Christe Sol Iustitiae courtesy of Joseph T. Moller: Copyright © 2018 The Abbey of Regina Laudis. All rights reserved.)