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I am now a general surgeon serving as the medical director of trauma at MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland Michigan...I am happily married with five children, two of whom are off to college...I often tell my colleagues and friends that my year at the Abbey of Regina Laudis was the best year of my life. It was an invaluable time of growth spiritually, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Being able to work within the aura of monastic life transformed me.
Letter from Thomas Veverka, MD, January 2013
Graduate of the Land Program, Monastic Internship 1983

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The Monastic Internship Program at the Abbey of Regina Laudis offers a small number of committed individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 the opportunity to immerse themselves for a year in the ancient Benedictine rhythms of prayer and manual work. Our “campus” is the land of the monastery, the place where one directly encounters the laws of nature in the soil, plants, and animals that both sustain and are sustained by the monastic Community. Through exposure to a life of prayer attuned to the world of creation and an intensive relationship with the Community, an Intern has the rare opportunity to embark on a gradual process of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

classBy drawing on the diverse expertise of members of the monastic community in collaboration with other qualified professionals, we offer each Intern an individualized program that educates him or her to the inescapable challenges of living close to the earth, but also seeks to reflect as much as possible his or her particular interests. Because the work is governed by the agricultural cycle, activities depend on seasonal demands, as well as on the availability of particular monastic faculty members. However in all cases, the Benedictine ideal of a holistic educational approach is reflected in the three inter-connected areas of study. Each student is expected to partake of all three areas, though one might be a prime area of focus:

leatherLand Stewardship: Animal Husbandry (beef and dairy cattle, oxen, sheep); Beekeeping, Composting, Dairy Management and Dairy Products; Ecological Initiatives; Hay Field and Pasture Management; Horticulture (vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, small fruits); Orchard and Tree Care; Woodlot Management
Monastic Arts: Baking, Bookbinding, Candle-making, Carpentry, Food Processing and Preserving, Leather Working, Pottery, Theater, Visual Arts, Weaving and Spinning
Monastic Studies: Gregorian Chant, Latin, Monastic History, Monastic Liturgy, Monastic Theology, Scripture Studies, The Rule of St. Benedict, Yoga

oxenThroughout the year, Interns develop a specialty in a particular area as well as explore connections between their varied activities. Thus, an Intern might learn to make a leather belt from the hide of a cow he or she has raised, develop the spiritual analogies of the food fermentation process, create a sculpture from scrap metal at the blacksmith’s forge or write and perform a song about finding stillness in yoga class. The diverse practical and personal skills learned during the Internship lay the foundation for a transformative experience that resonates throughout one’s life, no matter what professional path one eventually pursues.

oxen The Monastic Internship Program is open to men and women who are 18 years of age or older. Enrollment is limited. Acceptance is discerned through a process of personal interviews during time spent as a guest of the Abbey, as well as through a written application. Interns live in housing provided by the Abbey. No religious affiliation is required, although openness to the spiritual orientation of the Community is essential for the experience to be fruitful. A person may begin the Internship at any time of the year, but it requires a full year’s commitment in order to complete the organic cycle of all four seasons on the land. The Monastic Internship Program is certified to accept international students.

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