The art of garden design and land stewardship are essential aspects of our monastic culture. Our gardens gather for us the tremendous diversity of botanical plant forms and allow us to intimately experience their seasonal progression. Our Foundress, Lady Abbess Benedict, designed three foundational gardens for Regina Laudis. A new generation of monastic gardeners keep her contemplative vision alive as they have assumed the care and development of these gardens.

Monastic garden design is a dialogue between a gardener, the Community and our land. As we learn to listen to and see the potential beauty of our land, a unique garden design can emerge. Gardens express our love for a place, such as our theater or chapel, or for a specific plant form such as roses or conifers. Gardens also express the creative drive for transformation within each of us. Our gardening can transform a neglected land into becoming a beloved and fertile space.

garden dove coteAs Benedictines our stable daily life is composed of work and prayer. For us manual labor is sacred. Working with our hands in our gardens nourishes both our bodies and our gardens. We take the experience of our work into our prayer life each day in the Divine Office. As part of our hospitality, we invite our guests and friends to experience this Benedictine rhythm of prayer and work by working with us in our gardens.


stone wallJoseph Corey of Corey Stonewalls, Meriden CT transformed our landscape by creating for us a 300 foot stonewall that now graces our land. The skill and artistry of his work was matched only by the integrity of his approach in all aspects of the project.

YardApes of New Milford, CT gave the Abbey their Day of Service Award in 2012. Twenty landscape professionals offered us their expert skill, professional equipment and great spirit to help the Abbey in a difficult landscape project. We made many new horticulture friends that day and are grateful for their generous support.


Winter Landscape

Summer Gardens

Early Spring Gardens

Garden at Abbey Theater: Designed and Installed by Sister Esther, Master Gardener

Stone Wall by Corey Stonewalls

YardApes Day of Service Award—Landscaping outside of the Abbey Church Jesu Fili Mariae