“Everyone has a contemplative side. Each person has the possibility for the sacred and to bring what he does in his daily life to the altar..… we’re trying to say, what’s the thread in your life? How can you find God in that work which you do?”

Mother Noella Marcellino
Guests The Community of Regina Laudis welcomes men and women who desire to stay at the Abbey for a time spent open to the presence of God through participation in our Benedictine life. choirGuests are invited to share in our prayer and work and to enter into a rhythm of quiet reflection and personal exchange. All guests are welcome to attend our daily Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. All who so desire may ask to take part in monastic work if a suitable work is available. Each guest is invited to meet with a guest mistress in parlor as a context for focused conversation. The sharing of common meals in the guest refectories and the use of common rooms in the guesthouses provide opportunity for exchange among guests.

St. Gregory'sThe Abbey has a women’s guesthouse, St. Gregory’s, and a men’s guesthouse, St. Joseph’s. Each guesthouse is small, with very simple accommodation and shared facilities. To provide for the privacy of our guests, each guesthouse is reserved exclusively for use by the persons staying there. Our guesthouses are closed in October and from mid-January until March.

By custom, all persons wishing to stay at one of our guesthouses are asked to send a personal letter of request by postal mail (not by fax or e-mail). We suggest 2-3 days for a visit, a few more for those traveling from far away. In your letter, in addition to your contact information, please include your preferred dates and expected arrival time, with alternative dates if possible, allowing four weeks or more advance notice. If you are writing for the first time, we encourage you to tell us something about yourself and your reasons for wanting to come.

Please write to:
The Guest Secretary
Abbey of Regina Laudis
273 Flanders Rd.
Bethlehem, CT 06751